The lab and its inhabitants

Barcelona (2019)

Contemplative visual elements to begin the ritual with 

The Zen Garden that will unlock your personal interface

The X ray picture

The ritual table consists of six physical elements that each act as a bridge to something real

One patient smelling a memory

A mirror that patients are asked to look in to 

Each patient gets presented to a smell that is collected from the city they are in

One patient approaching the moment of the dream donation

A collection of stones from Earth

Magic pearls that the patients are encouraged to touch

A lab technician checking in on a patient prior to the donation process

The lab is full of calming and protecting objects

The lab is also home to spirits who can travel from the past

One patient asking the Magic 8-ball for advice

 Visual contemplation of handmade artifacts is something we often prescribe

When the world as lived and the world as imagined turns out to be the same

Objects from the future imitating human dream catchers

Pictures by Clara Llongarriu & PERSONA