The Walking City

— Co-creative building of a collaborative ecosystem for creators in Skåne. 

The Walking City is a series of community building experiences for creators connected to BoostHbg - a public entity in Skåne working to support the creative industry and community within interactive and audiovisual media and new storytelling formats. 

The narrative of The Walking City is inspired by the avant-garde group Archigram, who worked with hypothetical neofuturistic architecture in the 1960’s. The Walking City acts as a framework for the building sessions of this project, and is also a metaphor for the desired reciliency and adaptability of the collaborative ecosystem of creators that is being developed.  

Are you a creator in Skåne, who wants to connect with others and build new tools and strategies for future collaborations? Join the project and sign up for free here.

Dates: Work sessions will take place online on the 18/8, 25/8, 1/9 (between 10.00-13.00)

Telegram: Join The Walking City on Telegram to ask questions and get to know the other builders.