The Laboratory of Optimistic Futures

— An invitation to co-create ideas about the future of work responding to the current times of perplexity (March-May 2020) 

The Lab is an interactive online experience that guides participants to co-create optimistic prototypes for the near future on the topics sustainability, human experience (HX) and infrastructure. The outcome is a series of speculative sociotechnical inventions that will be developed and showcased digitally and physically in Sweden later this year.

The Lab uses PERSONA's own mix of speculative design and optimism to ask
“How might we invent a new type of city, that does not have a division between the virtual and the physical world, where we could all work together?”   

The project was developed for the community of Mindpark Helsingborg in collaboration with Open Space Mindpark. It was open to the public of Helsingborg and the Skåne region, hosting occasional digital visitors from other parts of the world as well.