The Laboratory of Optimistic Futures, 2020

— A rapid-prototyping experience for a coworking community

The LOOF was an interactive online experience that guided participants to co-create optimistic prototypes for the near future on three topics: Sustainability, Human experience (HX), and Infrastructure.
Sessions lasted exactly 20 minutes, and guests answered challenges with artifacts they built using 3 objects they had around them and nothing else.

The outcome is a series of speculative sociotechnical inventions conveyed into posters that served as time travel souvenirs.  Posters can be purchased in our store by anyone.

Commissioned by Mindpark Helsingborg & Open Space Mindpark as an experience to keep their community spirit alive while the pandemic threatened to close the coworking space.

It was open to the public of Helsingborg and the Skåne region, hosting occasional visitors from other parts of the world. 

A special thanks to our lovely prototypers
Lindab Innovation Hub, Rebecka Nilsson, Öresund Strategy & Design, BoostHbg, Karsten Deppert, Kristina Ahm, Lars-Christian Kræmmer, Peers Bridge, H22 and other newfound friends from near and far.