— Film & text by Vicky González & David Ortiz Juan (2019)

“Vicky González was commissioned by PERSONA to create an art piece that would represent an optimistic view from the future when the care economy had become predominant. They also requested her to imagine, in the context of that future, what person, animal or thing would have become the most important being to take care of. She collaborated with the Spanish artist David Ortiz Juan, and together they created Petroterapia.” 

Petroterapia (2019)

It is the future of the future, what they call now.
After the recovery of the years of unconsciousness.

When there were still lags of ignorance,
they were determined to imitate the most developed countries.
Where the care economy was already fundamental.
Then the urge of being seen stopped
And instead they start looking at others,
To take care of them.

And they earned more money
But instead they bought less.
Because they were able to see the dementia in seeking happiness through objects.
And they realized that the love that emanated from caring and being cared for 
was stronger
more valuable.
Then a bigger house was no longer necessary
Not a faster car.

But there was still cold and darkness.
Or so they described.
There was no point in having harmony among humans
if the rest was suffering.

So it was then when they learned the language of earth.
And through listening closely they understood that rocks couldn’t let go.
That they were still keeping all the evil from the humans of the past.
The evil that’s transferred to the most noble and innocent creatures.
And without knowing it, they vibrate infecting everything that approaches

That’s why we created the Petroterapia.


Directed by: Vicky González & David Ortiz Juan

Cinematography: David Ortiz Juan

Score & Sound Design: Daniel Chew Rodríguez

Commissioned by PERSONA for Reshaping Work Barcelona 2019