Image by Camilo Huinca

“Intended Collaborations” pilot 

#ActualNews* has partnered with The Time Travel Agency* to host a pilot experience on interdisciplinary collaboration towards new ways of handling change. The Time Travel Agency is a project by speculative design studio PERSONA, working from the Nordics to develop methods to think strategically about the future.


On this day, we will open a portal to the year 2030, to bring you to a future when "Intended Collaborations" are the present.

This is an invitation to explore new environments for innovation and business by rapidly imagining, prototyping, and evaluating visions of possible futures. Together with a handful of visionary peers chosen by us, you will exercise your futuristic brain and create hypothetical future props and their deployment in familiar contexts like cities and organizations, in order to better understand your own path through the unpredictable.

We have chosen you because of your profile and skillset to complement a group of approximately 6 people. We hope that the opportunity to collaborate and learn from peers in this exploratory scenario will be valuable to those of you who wish to consider similar approaches in your professional contexts.



We will meet in the year 2020: Wednesday October 7th in Copenhagen
Between the interval of 11.00 and 15.00 h
Exact location will be disclosed by Monday September 21st

You can explore this PDF* for more context.

We will provide snacks and beverages throughout the travel. There will be photographic documentation of the experience (do let us know if this is an inconvenience).

Please confirm your participation by September 23rd to this address:


To travel is to live, to time travel is to learn.