Energetic time travel

— An energetic channeling of the future by Helena Matamala for Reshaping Work Barcelona (2019)

“As we live in a quantum energetic field, time is happening all at once, reality is a non linear experience, and we are ultimately conscious by vibrating at different frequencies. We will do a time travel through a resonance process to connect with the people in the year 2045, to feel through our consciousness how that future is.

We will synch our subconscious minds with a society governed by a social contract that shifted into a three-day work week, and framed non-work as the norm and paid work as the exception.

We will experience how it feels to us, to our bodies, this new reality, what we need to do to achieve this change in our NOW, which emotional qualities we need to boost and what strategies we will have to follow. We will channel what it means to be human in a world where we will have to coexist with otherness like Artificial Intelligences as coworkers, and non-human species as cohabitants of our Planet.

Are you ready to know the future?”

Text by the artist Helena Matamala

The interactive experience consisted of roleplay and guided meditation, it was commissioned by PERSONA for Reshaping Work Barcelona in September 2019