Jocelyn Ibarra is an artist and designer interested in sociotechnical artifacts, distributed technologies, and interactive fiction. Jocelyn has in-depth knowledge of co-creative methods, multistakeholder governance, and lean and innovation processes within the creative and software industries. Her experience includes jumpstarting coworking spaces and design agencies in Mexico and the United States, leading community management in France and Spain, innovating governance models in projects connected to Harvard Uni, and prototyping models in Scandinavia since 2017. She runs her own studio KATTFANTASTISKT from Sweden.

Sofia Ivarsson is an artist and lighting designer fascinated by the future and how we together produce, shape and take responsibility for it. Sofia is a graduate from Design School Kolding and has years of experience from different corners of the creative industry behind her, ranging from theatre and performance productions to curation of light art festivals and development of large scale art installations. Her approach is based on a subtle awareness of physical phenomena and respect for human needs. She is part of the activist network Renegade Runners and runs her own lighting studio Noga since 2018.

PERSONA was kickstarted in 2019 when we were commissioned to curate an art program for a conference about the future of work. This led us to realise that our interests and goals aligned in the framework of speculative design and a need to look for optimism in the future. Since that first project, all our work evolves around investigating new approaches to futures design through experimenting with participatory design methods, and engaging with people from a broad variety of backgrounds.

PERSONA is based in Sweden and Denmark with a distributed community of collaborators around the world.

Exhibitions & Publications

The Algorithm of Donated Dreams in Backslash Lit issue #1 (2020)
— Explore Backslash Lit #1 - An online magazine for electronic literature

The Algorithm of Donated Dreams in the latest issue of Taper #4 : A New Trope (2020)
— Visit Taper #4, edited by Angela Chang, published by Bad Quarto 

INTERFACE art exhibition for the Year of the DAOs, Osaka, Japan (2019)
Article by Denise Thwaites & James Simbouras on Medium

Reshaping Work Regional Event: Conference on the Future of Work, Barcelona, Spain (2019)
Find the conference report here (In Spanish)

Before Shine, curated for Litteraturrundan Skåne, Vollsjö, Sweden (2019)